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Everyone from companies to individuals can enjoy the benefits of PA system service in their events. An event without sound is dull. You don’t want a boring event that will leave your guests wanting more. That’s why you need to hire sound system provider for your event.

Neevy Entertainment is one of the leading PA system provider in Nairobi. Whether you are holding corporate functions or private parties, our company is the go-to entertainment partner that will make your event thrilling. We pride ourselves in offering high quality services that leaves our clients happy and overly satisfied.

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Why hire PA system provider for your event?

When top-event organizers consider sound to be a key aspect of successful events, you know it’s time to start incorporating sound in your events. It’s worthwhile to note that most events have a sound provider. If you are still in doubt, here is advice from experts that will pick your brain:

1. Stanford University found that sound in events influences people’s behavior. Sound in event makes people focus which is a good thing for your event. If your host is addressing the guests, you need them to be attentive. A PA system provider ensures you are audible and your audience pays attention. 

2. Eventbrite reported that music influences mood. Fast-paced music makes people move fast while slow music makes them slow down. As such, music is an important factor in maintaining a specific mood in your event. 

3. Eventbrite also found out that music can influence people’s perceptions. People tend to perceive different genres of music differently. Classical music is considered classy while Jazz is perceived as artistic. Research on these assumptions indicated music can impact how people perceive things in an event. 

What our customers say?

Everything is on point . The music is perfect for the event and am happy with your service . I would definitely use you again in future

What makes us different?

We walk the talk

Our services are exceptional because they are developed by DJ Neevy, an expert who has been in the field for over 4 years.

We aren’t beginners or opportunists. We get our hands dirty and deliver what our clients want. This makes our PA system service stand out in the market.

Unique sound service
Tailored service for clients

Tailored Services

We know our customers’ needs but we understand they vary. Every customer hiring PA system has unique needs.

We emphasize on assessing clients’ needs and making our services their perfect-fit. This ensures our clients get the sound experience they deserve.

No Transport required

Forget transport bills or being late at your event. Neevy Entertainment has a vehicle capable of carrying all the sound equipment you need.

Our own transport ensures we get to your event on time at no extra costs.

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Our focus is experience

It’s common for PA system providers to focus just on providing sound. We pride ourselves in being different. We emphasize on building a thrilling sound experience at your event.

How do we do this? We test our sound equipment prior to your event to ensure there’ll be no sound hitches. We also adapt our music to the mood of the crowd. You don’t have to worry your guests booing at the DJ. We got you covered.

Message From Our Founder

DJ Neevy Photo
DJ Neevy, Founder Neevy Entertainment

How would you describe your last sound system provider?
Boring? Dull? Unsatisfactory?
If your answer is not “exceptional”, you are in the right place.
Holding an event without a sound provider can be challenging. It’s even worse if you hire a poor PA system provider who promises heaven but delivers nothing.

If you don’t have your own public address equipment and a sound team, you are likely to fail. That’s why I created Neevy Entertainment; to help people like you.
With Neevy Entertainment, you have a dedicated PA system provider ready to help you make your event succeed. So if you want to make your event exceptional, join us today.

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