Every event needs a talented spokesperson who can engage the guests and keep them entertained. Yours is no exception. That’s why you need a professional Master of Ceremony (MC) to perform at your event. MC Service is a key ingredient to enhancing your event and making it standout.

MC john performing at a wedding
MC John performing at a wedding

We endear ourselves to our clients with our exceptional MC known for his mastery of language and touch of humor. Our MC, MC John, is a talented spokesperson with experience in performing in various events ranging from weddings to parties. He is a guru of words and does nothing short of brilliant. His performance in various events have earned him a reputation among our clientele.

Why choose Us


Neevy Entertainment strives to maintain professionalism in all our activities. Our team including our MC handles our clients in a manner that impresses them and leaves them satisfied with our MC Service.


Our MC is not new to the game. He has been speaking at different events since 2010. What’s more, he has handled both corporate and individual functions. Over the years, MC John has gained vast experience which has enabled him to enhance his speaking skills and become a reputable MC in the industry.


MC John utilizes proper mic handling techniques, enthusiasm, intonation, language articulation, and gestures to effectively communicate to his audience. His exemplary performance at weddings has made him the go-to wedding MC in Kenya. Not only does he entertain the guests but also incorporates funny antics to maintain the attention of his audience and keep the flow of the event.

Check our MC in action.

Our MC is the missing puzzle piece in your event. You don’t want to hire a poor MC that will frustrate you. Don’t miss out on our dazzling MC Service that will make your event LIT.